Marion Berg M.A. MFT Psychotherapy

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I  STRIVE to cultivate a supportive environment in which barriers to personal growth are identified, explored, and worked through.
Together, we will determine the best course of therapy for your journey in healing, discovery, and empowerment.

Life can be meaningful, rich, and full of possibilities.
Life can also be complex, difficult, challenging, and painful.
Everyone experiences difficult times in their lives...

The therapeutic relationship is a safe place to examine old patterns, thoughts, and beliefs that, while once useful, have proven to be ineffective, limiting, and painful
I have an unlimited belief in the profound ability to change, transform, and heal.
Therapy can provide a respite...

Believing in the mind-body connection, I work with energy systems in the body at the physical, psychological, and spiritual levels to facilitate a release from negative core beliefs, fear, and painful memories.
Creating instead an internal balance, a sense of inner security and well‑being...

Whether it is
struggling in a relationship,
problems at work or school,
suffering from anxiety or depression,
confronting substance abuse,
recovering from a trauma,
or adjusting to another type of change,
there is help...